Yoga and meditation sessions and courses in Maspalomas. If you want to enjoy your holidays in Gran Canaria in a more relaxed way and learn from a spiritual and immaterial point of view, enjoy the courses and sessions of ashtanga yoga in Gran Canaria. Here you will learn the best methods of breathing and control to keep your body and mind healthy. Don't miss the opportunity to get started or improve your skills in yoga, which without any doubt represents an important step in improving your life quality. Is there any better place than Gran Canaria to enjoy yoga and meditations?     

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    Without any doubt the practice of prenatal yoga is realizing that the physical, mental and spiritual care is the most important for you and your...

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    With the Body Feng Shui practice you will know the best techniques to get clean your body and mind. You will find that every part of our home is...

    135,00 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items