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  • Adult
  • Adult resident
  • Infant (12-16 years)
  • With own equipment
30,00 €


DaysTuesday to sunday
Hour(s)Tuesday to Friday from 15:00 hours until dark. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am until dark.
DurationNo time limit
Direct contact by phone (If you are out of the island, add 0034 in front of the number of telephone)Phone: +34 620 250 554
Special conditions for groupsContact the number +620 250 554 by phone, email or whatsapp
Booking ConfirmationThe confirmation will be sent you by email where you find all the details of your reservation.
TransportNot incluided
Minors12-16 years (Fridays and Saturdays only)
Payment of reservationYou only pay a portion to book your place, you pay the rest until you perform the activity
Minimal age12 years old
Ammunition extra+ 2 € (120 airsoft balls)
AccompanistsWe have a comfortable bar where they can be
Cancellation of the activityWe suggest you contact us by email within 72 hours to complete the refund process or, change management activity and check availability.
LocationTarajalillo, San Agustín, Gran Canaria
Airsoft Shooting

Airsoft Shooting in Gran Canaria

Live a real war and strategy game like in the PlayStation with the airsoft shooting of Maspalomas. Suitable for men and women of all ages, the airsoft shooting of Gran Canaria is in Maspalomas and it will make you live exciting moments in safe conditions, since the balls are filled with air and not with paint like in the paintball. 

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The airsoft shooting of Gran Canaria is a playing field war simulator, the activity takes place in a replica of a military camp, ideal to live an unique experience, like if you were inside the game console, you will live the experience as if it were real. 

Airsoft shooting en maspalomas     airsoft gran canaria maspalomas

The airsoft shooting is similar to paintball, but differs in the balls you shoot, since in airsoft the balls are of plastic and are made with the hop up technology, which allows us to make shots from longer distance, reducing the parable effect.

The airsoft is suitable for all ages, because it is not a dangerous game, 

we will also give protection equipment, a face mask and a vest. 

Contrary to paintball, airsoft balls do not produce bruises.

airsoft maspalomas    airsoft maspalomas gran canaria

In airsoft Maspalomas you don't need to go with a minimum of friends, you can go alone or with a friend and join other airsoft players, because usually there are more players in game. You can join a team or play "all against all", which is another type of airsoft game, like Call of Duty on your PlayStation. If you are eliminated from the game, you can wait for the next one, practicing at the shooting gallery. 

There is no a limit of games in Airsoft!!!, and if you run out of balls, you can buy more to continue playing.



• Airsoft Military Uniform 

• Airsoft Bulletproof Vest 

• Protection mask

• Weapon (G & G) of airsoft balls

• 3 chargers with 120 balls each (360 balls)

• Unlimited games (If the field is not congested)

More information:

• If you have your own airsoft equipment, you can use it

• Reservations from Tuesday to Friday in the mornings have to be for a minimum of 12 people, since the field will be open only for your group.


What happens when I book?

What happens when I book?