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  • Minimum four participants in this activity
30,00 €
21,00 €


DaysAny day with previus reservation and confirmation
Hour(s)summer 21:30 Winter 20:00
Duration2 Horas
Days minimum advance1
Direct contact by phone (If you are out of the island, add 0034 in front of the number of telephone)Phone: +34 620 250 554
Special conditions for groupsContact the number +620 250 554 by phone, email or whatsapp
Booking ConfirmationThe confirmation will be sent you by email where you find all the details of your reservation.
TransportOn request (when do your reserve we will check the availability)
Payment of reservationYou only pay a portion to book your place, you pay the rest until you perform the activity
Cancellation of the activityWe suggest you contact us by email within 72 hours to complete the refund process or, change management activity and check availability.
Validity of the reservationYour ticket has no expiration!, you can use it in anytime you want. We will contact you to give you know the dates confirmed. Remember it always depends of weather conditions.
LocationIn Gran Canaria exist several sites where we do the astronomical activities, remember it depends of the weather conditions. We will contact you to confirm the day and the exact place.
Minimum number of people to book4 people. If they are less than 4, please consult by telephone or email whatsapp
Velada Astronómica

Astronomical evening in Gran Canaria

Would you like to have a date with the stars? Enjoy an astronomical evening in a privileged place, with clear skies. Without doubt one of the most recognized places in which you can enjoy observing the stars and planets.

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In the Canary Islands are some of the most important Astrophysics centers of the northern hemisphere, since it has favorable conditions for observing the cosmos. The clarity of Maspalomas skies and its surroundings is caused by the wind breeze and the thermal effects that prevent the formation of clouds. This is the reason why Gran Canaria has one of the most clear and bright skies of Europe.

Another advantage of Maspalomas and other areas of the Canary Islands is that they are attractive for observing the stars, the altitude and approximation of the islands with the equator, and the low light pollution, which is regulated by law. Don't forget the Canary Islands have a certificate from the Starlight Foundation awarded to the World Heritage for preserving the sky. 

velada astronomica en roque nublo gran canaria

During this astronomical evening, you will have the support of our team of astronomers and advanced telescopes. You'll learn the location of some constellations and planets, and the incredible views of our natural satellite, the moon.

The activities are scheduled, as they are held in various parts of the island, depending of course that the environmental conditions are the adequate, you can see them below:


To be able to perform this activity it is necessary appropriate weather conditions (rain, clouds, moon phase). Therefore, when we confirm you the reservation, we will send you the earliest dates possible for you to decide the day you will come to the activity.  

Don`t worry about the expiration, your reservation doesn't expire and can be exchanged within the dates we confirm you, and if you can't go the day you chose or you want to change the date, you only have to send us an email and tell us when you want to use your reservation. 

If you don't have a car, we pick you up at the hotel where you stay, to complete registration and the itinerary. (Please consider that transport can generate some additional cost, but we will send you budget without commitment). Remember you can contact us by phone, SMS or whatsapp to +34 620 250 554 or by email.

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- Activity for groups minimum of...(ASK)

- You will receive by email the reservation code of your activity

- The date of the reservation will be confirmed by phone or email, you will be able to see cloud conditions in the calendars of the website

- The price doesn't include transportation, but it can be ordered (availability will be confirmed via email)

- Special prices for groups (contact)

- Don't forget your camera


What happens when I book?

What happens when I book?