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Hour(s)The massages are programed between 9:00 am to 21:00 pm. After booking we will contact you to agree the exact time.
Duration60 minutes
Days minimum advance1
Direct contact by phone (If you are out of the island, add 0034 in front of the number of telephone)Phone: +34 620 250 554
Special conditions for groupsContact the number +620 250 554 by phone, email or whatsapp
Booking ConfirmationThe confirmation will be sent you by email where you find all the details of your reservation.
Payment of reservationYou only pay a portion to book your place, you pay the rest until you perform the activity
Cancellation of the activityWe suggest you contact us by email within 72 hours to complete the refund process or, change management activity and check availability.
LocationThe massage is done at home/hotel/bungalow
Lenguages- Spanish - english - german - russian - french - norwegian - polish - czech
Masaje Relax

Californian Massage in Gran Canaria

Give a pleasure to your body and mind, living the sensitive or Californian massage, a technique used to lighten the emotional and physical consequences generated by stress. We are located in Maspalomas but we have home services in Gran Canaria, in order to receive a massage without moving from home.

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Enjoy in Gran Canaria the sensitive or Californian massage, recommended to all the people who don't suffer any specific injury or muscle pain, because its main purpose is to act on the psychophysical consequences that generates us stress, something that most of us suffer.   

The massage is performed with soft and harmonious movements, without making abrupt changes of rhythm and maintaining the contact permanently, causing a general relaxation and providing integrated feelings of your body and mind, making you feel acceptance and security and releasing emotional and physical stresses.  

It is very important that this massage is performed by professional and experienced massage therapists, guarantee that we comply by the hand of our expert massage therapists which apply a technique of sliding without excessive pressure that can leave the body harmed, without falling neither into insufficient pressures. For all the explanation above, our massage therapists make themselves sure of using the best methods to give a complete and professional service that you will like to repeat for sure.  

Accessories and equipment included.

- Professional massage table

- Relaxing music

- Oils with relaxing essences

- Towels and clean sheets

- Accessories and additional equipment


Service at home is free.

Customers in Las Palmas and in the northern areas of Gran Canaria: it is required a minimum massage of 2 hours or 2 massages at the same, since the shuttle service does not have any cost.


What happens when I book?

What happens when I book?